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why to should use our service

volleyball.lu is not a commercial organization, but has the aim to promote the volleyball in Luxembourg. A part of this goal is to provide a possibility for all volleyball related people (clubs, fans, ...) in Luxembourg, to be present on the internet for a low monthly fee. So we developed a website service, adapted to the most need for this community. Several clubs in Luxembourg are already using our service, as you can see in our references.

what's included in the package

  • Our WEBSITEservice package includes following positions
  • hosting (is realized by root.lu, a luxemburgish hosting company)
  • server setup for webspace, database, e-mails...
  • joomla CMS (Content Management System) installation
  • installation of extentions and plugins
  • template design
  • a free volleyball.lu domain (e.g. club.volleyball.lu) if you don't have your own .lu domain
  • a POP mailbox and five alias mail adresses
  • e-mail support
  • customization (registration forms, database querries, ... could be realized)

advantages for you

  • no programming skills required
  • volleyball.lu creates for you, your web presence, adapted to your needs
  • one contact person for all your questions
  • easy and quick change management
  • updates for the CMS system are done by volleyball.lu team
  • very easy to create and modify your content on your website

Our price

A standard installation with a free template will be available for 12,50€ per month. This means you have 150,00€ fixed costs per year. A one time setup fee about 50,00€ will be charged with the first invoice. If a professional paied template is needed, it will be charged with aprox 35,00€. Your .lu domain, if available, is at your charge and not included in our offer.

Are you interested in our Offer?

If you are interested in our special offer, don't hesitate to contact us.


volleyball.lu WEBSITEservice

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